Guidelines for Writers and Illustrators

(We exist primarily to serve Wisconsinites, but we will consider submissions from the Driftless bits in Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois. The glacier didn’t discriminate, and neither do we.)

If you are an illustrator but don’t really have an idea for your own zine, please send us some samples of your work. We keep a list of local artists on hand and will reach out when the right story, piece or event pops up.

If you are a writer, we are seeking original, never-before-published pieces of up to 5000 words. There are no preconceptions with regard to subject matter. Conformity is not required and is, in fact, frowned upon.

If you are a writer/illustrator or illustrator/writer, well, Nice to meet ya! Send us your best!

There are no deadlines for submitting review material to Ope! Publishing. 

See below for guidelines.

Mail us your story/art/whatever to review! To submit via snail mail, send it to Ope! Publishing, 140 10th Street S., La Crosse, WI 54601. To submit via email, contact Rox directly.

If you are sending us something to review, please make sure to include the following information: name of the copyright holder and primary contact info: website, social media, mailing address and/or email.

  • We aim to feature a diversity of publications and to show the broadest range of arts and literature that we can.
  • We might include excerpts from zines we produce. Please let us know if you’d rather we don’t.
  • We look forward to seeing your work, but keep in mind that we cannot give feedback for every submission.
  • We can’t review material that does not have contact information.
  • Use will add you to our e-newsletter list unless you ask us not to.
  • Please send us only your own material that you have the copyright for.
  • Send questions regarding reviews to Roxanne.