There Grows the Neighborhood

This handbound zine is dedicated to the Washburn neighborhood garden in La Crosse, Wisconsin. On its pages, you’ll find a patchwork of styles and images along with essays by people involved with or in love with the garden. As a bonus, Ope! has also included a Community Garden Toolkit that will help anybody understand the nuts and bolts of starting a local community garden. The Toolkit is detachable and can be easily shared. Two zines for the price of one!

Green space is important in Wisconsin… and everywhere on the planet. In our present economic system, green spaces can’t be commodified so they are perpetually at risk of being destroyed and commercially developed. This reigning paradigm of crass economic development needs to be on its way out and fast.

With an introduction by Mrill Ingram, a geographer and author of The Art and Science of Belonging to Earth (2022, Temple University Press) and cover art by agro-artist Paul Littleton.